Our Story

Patrick Murtagh, founder of Heights Historic Window & Door, was born in County Meath Ireland. He arrived in New York, November 1984 with a few hundred dollars, a great family of distant cousins, and a promise to his mother that he would stay for 6 months.

Twenty-eight years later Pat now calls New York home. Coming from a farming and construction background in Ireland, he was easily hired as a painter’s helper within 24 hours of arriving on Long Island.  He quickly moved up to work as a carpenter with Rosen construction in Glen Cove.  Later, he moved to the Irish community in The Bronx where he was introduced to the high end Residential Construction market. He was employed by Interior Alterations Inc. as a site super in 1985, became partner in 1986 and helped grow the firm to a multi-million dollar operation that continues to thrive now in its 37th Year.

Having come from a country where windows and doors were basic and minimalist, Pat was amazed and intrigued by the diversity of the window and door industry. This attraction, in combination with the difficulty he had garnering the quality and precision demanded by his construction company, drove him to want to start a new business in 2005, when he founded Heights Historic Window & Door, LLC.

Seeing many possibilities for high quality windows and doors, Pat decided to focus on projects based in Historic Districts, and has successfully supplied and installed windows and doors in many of the well-recognized historic brownstone homes throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Pat has been fortunate to have two great partners in the company. Because of his partners’ support, Pat has been able to maintain Heights Historic as a leader in the design, supply, and installation of high-end Landmarks-approved windows and doors.  As the demand for his services in high quality windows and doors began to exceed time available in a day, it became clear it was time to expand.  So, in 2011 he assembled a team of seasoned professionals to join his work and finalized partnerships with additional window and door manufacturers.  This team has a combined window and door expertise of over 50 years in the Greater New York area and the addition of new manufacturers gives the team an even wider range of tools to provide solutions for clients.

This combination of Pat’s construction knowledge, the Team’s experience, and world-class manufacturing support has been instrumental in ensuring that whatever design a client, architect, or contractor requires gets fully vetted prior to its execution.  This front-end service and support gives our installation team the right tools to get the job done right.

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